Fencing (фехтование) is the European martial (военный, боевой) art with 3000 years tradition. The sport is variously described as "combat (битва) ballet", "chess at speed" and "boxing without pain (боевой)" which demonstrates the spectrum of interesting skills acquired (приобретаемый) by players.

Improved co-ordination, balance, flexibility (гибкость) and mental agility (умственные способности) are just some of the spin-offs (побочный результат). It really is the most fun way I get both (и…и…) aerobic fitness and it is up to you (вам решать) which level to go for.

The club was re-founded in 1988 and has soon become a competitive (состязательный) club FENCING CLUB participating in many competitions. We also arrange friendly competitions with local fencing clubs.

If the students are interested in a very fast and exciting (захватывающий) sport, then this is their club. All levels from beginner to national University representation can be trained in that club. Sports equipment (оборудование)is usually provided (обеспечено).


We currently (в настоящее время) have three football teams, each one playing in universities competitions on Wednesdays and in local leagues at weekends. In the 1990/91 season, the first matches were very successful but then the teams were finally knocked out (выбиты) in the semifinals after a replay FENCING CLUB. They also won the local district league. There is also an annual (ежегодный) fixture (назначенная дата) in northern France against French semi (полу-)-professional side.

Players of all standards are encouraged (приветствуются) to come along at any time during the season,


Calling all fun loving and enthusiastic females (женщины) — the Ladies Football team welcomes you to the University of Surrey. We welcome players of ALL abilities, from the total novice (новичков) to the slightly more experienced (опытный), the emphasis (основное внимание) being on having a good time rather than serious competition (состязание, соревнование). 11-a-side matches are played FENCING CLUB in the South East Counties Womens Football League from October to April, and in the Summer months, a 5-a-side indoor tournaments (турниры) take over. Training is indoors (в помещении) in the Sports Hall, followed by a different type of training in the bar!


The clubs offer the opportunity to play hockey at any level from beginner to international. The clubs play twice a week and the fixtures (11) vary from local clubs Universities and polys (=polytechnics). There are also weekly sessions in the Sports Hall. They have excellent (отличны) social (общественный) life. Events include FENCING CLUB (включают) club dinners, the Easter tour (поездка) (normally somewhere Europe), discos and the annual (ежегодный) sports dinner. The mens team helps to integrate the men and ladies' clubs, providing the chance to enjoy the game in a less serious manner.

With individual commitment (обязательство) to training, matches and the social side you won't I disappointed (разочарованы).

Karate at the University of Surrey caters for (обслуживать) all levels of ability, whether a beginner or advanced (продвинутый), with courses starting in October. The club is popular with both sexes due to Karate combining Martial(военный, боевой) Arts, Self Defence (самозащита) and FENCING CLUB fitness exercises.

Training sessions are held Mondays and Wednesdays for all abilities, while e Friday is held for mainly (в основном) higher grades (оценки). We have 4th and 3rd Dan instructors. For those who are interested we will be entering several competitions over the next year.

See us at the Sports Fayre during Intro Week for more details or just come along to any of our sessions.


Last year both teams did very well in the local competitions, with the first team reaching the semi-finals.

Willing to join us? Anyone interested in keeping fit (быть FENCING CLUB в хорошей физической форме) and having a good social life, whatever their netballing experience, welcome to come along to practices.

Anyone is welcome, coaching is willingly given, and all equipment (оборудование) is available. Please contact us via (через) the Rifle pigeon hole (почтовый ящик) in the Union.